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Eins:Eins Out of the Dark

An Evening with Falco



Maximilian Kraus

Plattform 4 «Lügen»

Picture: Caspar Urban Weber

«I think that if your name is Hans Hölzl and you’re trying to break into the music industry in 1981, you’re not going to get very far», Falco once said in an interview, and no one here can contradict him. With a particular Viennese charm, always styled to a T and abiding his motto that «for me, the most important thing is to feel good», Falco was not simply an alter ego, but also a work of art, and an exceptional character: he was always on the brink of falling into the abyss, only to make another attempt at soaring up from there into the next dubious high. He died as he lived, flying, high, speeding in his car somewhere between Villa Montellano and Puerto Plata, in the Dominican Republic. But is he really dead? No one knows for sure. Maybe death is also one big show, a lie. «Must I die so I can live?» May darkness be with him.

Director: Johann Kuithan
Set design: Léonie Süess

With: Maximilian Kraus

TICKETS for the events:
Tue 30. Dec., 20.30 h / Sat 03. Jan., 20.30 h / Thu 22. Jan., 20.30 h / Sat 31. Jan., 20.30 h / Mon 23. Feb., 20.30 h / Tue 24. Feb., 20.30 h / Mon 09. Mar., 20.30 h / Tue 17. Mar., 20.30 h / Tue 07. Apr., 20.30 h / Thu 09. Apr., 20.30 h

Out of the Dark


Sat 10. January, 20.30 h, Chorgasse


Regie & Raum: Tancredi Gusman & Léonie Süess
Musik: Dave Jegerlehner

With: Janet Rothe

Jakobs Ross

Sat 17. January, 20.00 h, Saal

Von Silvia Tschui
Uraufführung mit englischen Übertiteln

Director: Peter Kastenmüller

Music: Kappeler/Zumthor

Set design: Jo Schramm

Costumes: Franziska Born

Dramaturgy: Fadrina Arpagaus

With: Miriam Joya Strübel, Dominique Jann, Andreas Matti, Vera Kappeler, Peter Conradin Zumthor


Thu 05. February, 20.00 h, Saal

Schauspiel nach einem Film von Yorgos Lanthimos

Director: Tom Kühnel

Set design: Jo Schramm

Costumes: Ulrike Gutbrod

Dramaturgy: Inga Schonlau

With: Martin Butzke, Yanna Rüger *, Maximilian Kraus, Janet Rothe

Iphigenie auf Tauris

Nur im April

Thu 26. March, 20.00 h, Saal

Schauspiel von Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Regie: Joachim Schloemer

Mit: Martin Butzke, Solene Garnier (Live-Musik), Maximilian Kraus, Janet Rothe, Yanna Rüger und Sabine Waibel

Regie: Joachim Schloemer

Bühne: Jo Schramm

Kostüme: Nicole von Graevenitz

Komposition: C. Mysia

Dramaturgie: Ralf Fiedler

Sat 18. April, 20.30 h, Chorgasse


von Judith Schalansky
Regie: Peter Kastenmüller

Regie: Peter Kastenmüller
Mit: Cristin König