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Lady Shiva

Picture: Caspar Urban Weber

Picture: Caspar Urban Weber

Picture: Caspar Urban Weber


Irene Staub is a simple country girl, but in Zurich, she is Lady Shiva–a colorful prostitute who regards her life on the fringes of bourgeois society as an act of rebellion and resistance. She is loved and coveted by many; she's a muse and the stuff of many men's fantasies. Yet nobody cares to hear her sing. In the Chorgasse, Lady Shiva finally gets a chance to be heard.

Regie & Raum: Tancredi Gusman & Léonie Süess
Musik: Dave Jegerlehner

With: Janet Rothe

Premiere: Sat 10. January, 20.30 Uhr, Chorgasse

TICKETS for the events:
Sat 10. Jan., 20.30 h / Mon 12. Jan., 20.30 h / Mon 26. Jan., 20.30 h / Thu 19. Feb., 20.30 h / Fri 20. Feb., 20.30 h / Fri 13. Mar., 20.30 h / Mon 16. Mar., 20.30 h / Fri 10. Apr., 20.30 h / Mon 20. Apr., 20.30 h