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Jacobs Ross

Based on a novel by Silvia Tschui
With English supertitels

Picture: Caspar Urban Weber

Picture: Caspar Urban Weber

Picture: Caspar Urban Weber

Picture: Caspar Urban Weber

Picture: Caspar Urban Weber


Elsie is the young maid of a wealthy Zurich mercantilist. When she becomes pregnant with his child against her will, he barters her off to his servant. Not only is Jacob, the servant, bequeathed with a child without his knowing, he is also given a rundown farmyard in the remote Finstersee (Dark Lake) as land tenure. In the setting of this dreary village, where everyone cheats everyone else and everyone seems to be hurt or damages one way or another, Elsie has nothing but her violin. She plays it to transport herself into far-off universes, until a traveler arrives, who won't disappear again so quickly. «A cross between Gotthelf and Tarantino» wrote a critic about Silvia Tschui's debut novel, which dominated Switzerland's beset seller list for weeks. «Jacobs Ross» (Jacob's horse) is a wild fairy tale and at the same time a panorama of Zurich society during its industrialization. In the genre of Regionalism transferred to the present day, the novel probes issues like xenophobia, social injustice, gender struggles, and coexistence in scarcity from a multiplicity of voices.

Theater Neumarkt adapts Silvia Tschui's debut novel for the stage together with the musical duo Kappeler/Zumthor.

Director: Peter Kastenmüller

Music: Kappeler/Zumthor

Set design: Jo Schramm

Costumes: Franziska Born

Dramaturgy: Fadrina Arpagaus

With: Miriam Joya Strübel, Dominique Jann, Andreas Matti, Vera Kappeler, Peter Conradin Zumthor

Premiere: Sat 17. January, 20.00 Uhr, Saal

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