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Live from Syria

Infotainment blending new reports, literature and real time

Picture: Caspar Urban Weber

Zurich/Middle East, the latest news of uprisings and civil war; IS dominates the front pages. Theater Neumarkt is launching a new series, titled “Live from...”, giving the stage to specialists who will contextualize documents and texts in order to bring into focus the regions currently stricken by political crises. Our goal is to learn about the things that get lost between the (head)lines – those aspects not mentioned or photographed. The first evening will see professionals and eyewitnesses relying their work in Syria before and during the war. They will talk about their impressions from the cultural centers of Damascus and Aleppo, as well as their daily experiences with Syrian refugees in Switzerland.

TICKETS for the events:
Fri 27. Feb., 20.00 h