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Live from the Ukraine

A conversation and report regarding the cultural and political situation.
With Tim Guldimann (the current Swiss Ambassador to Germany and until March 2015 Personal Envoy of the OSCE Chairperson on Ukraine) and guests.

Tim Guldimann

Tim Guldimann

Picture: Behörden Spiegel/Dombrowsky

Zurich/Moscow/Kiev – the latest news from the revolution and civil war. Truth or propaganda? With the series «Live from...» the Neumarkt Theater focuses on states which are in a political or military crisis, with the assistance of experts, documents, and texts. We want to find out what is lost between the headlines and what can't be found in the texts and images. Experts and witnesses report from their journeys in the Russian-Ukrainian regions, while the Theater Neumarkt Ensemble tells the stories of living before and alongside the crisis in staged readings.

TICKETS for the events:
Fri 20. Mar., 20.00 h