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Litertary Duet I: Gertrud Leutenegger & Thomas Hürlimann

Gertrud Leutenegger & Thomas Hürlimann

Gertrud Leutenegger & Thomas Hürlimann

Picture: zVg / Jürgen Bauer

«It’s necessary to let memory unfold its defining potential», Thomas Hürlimann was recently quoted in the NZZ. «Memory relies on images, not facts», he added. This statement is superbly, and poetically, confirmed in Gertrud Leutenegger’s «Panischer Frühling» (Panicked Spring). She remembers a special spring spent in London – the colorfulness of the vegetation, the clear blue skies free of airplanes, but also the horror. Gertrud Leutenegger and Thomas Hürlimann will read from their recent texts and speak about strong literary motivations.

From October 23 – 26 we will read, discuss and quote – this year’s literature festival «Zurich Liest» (Zurich Reads) will come to Theater Neumarkt, too!

As part of the series «Brennpunkt Ukraine», the authors Andrey Kurkov, Tanja Maljutschuk, Yuri Vynnychuk and Martin Pollack will look at the developments of the last months in the Ukraine, and discuss what role literature can and should have for a country in turmoil.

Full program available on www.zuerich-liest.ch

TICKETS for the events:
Fri 24. Oct., 17.30 h