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Concert No. 3



Picture: Ben Huggler

Their musical style of «hardcore chamber music» has long been accepted. The three ecstatic improvisors and sound vituosos upset the music scene consistently for over two decades, with new sounds and fusions of the seemingly incompatible: raw and soft, rattling and pure, dark and bell-like. They shift between sounding like a hardcore band gone berzerk, a noise machine connected to an amplifier, and a playul chamber choir whose members forgot to shave. 

No matter what it is they touch, it is always done hardcore, and with the highest quality possible. Their curiosity and passion for new sounds never dries up. Each concert marks a new venture to the edge of what’s possible, what’s beautiful and sometimes even what’s bearable. That’s how much power and force this trio brings into their promise to the future of sound. It’s almost tempting to call it a devilish new version of the unio mystica. 

For OHR: Omri Ziegele

Hans Koch - bass clarinet, Soprano and Tenor saxophone, electronica
Martin Schütz - cello, electric cello, electronica
Fredy Studer - drums, percussions 
Daniel Schneider - sound

TICKETS for the events:
Sun 12. Oct., 20.00 h