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Lügenstätten (Site of Lies)

An excursion in collaboration with WOZ

Where in Zurich are the most lies being told? The investigative weekly WOZ forays into those sites with Theater Neumarkt, and visits loci of lies, hotbeds of state affairs and dens of corruption. How do corporations obscure culpability, where is wealth concealed, and what are the pitfalls of alternative economies? We point out control centers, target ivory towers of education and professional training, and uncover corruption. Sometimes, the path might end in front of inaccessible, closed doors; other times in the limbo (or the driveway to a villa) of the super rich, or the front yard of a mega corporation headquarters. Investigative journalism meets theater: guided by WOZ journalists, we’d take an excursion along the gold coasts, through Zurich’s suburbs, construction sites and high security mansions.


TICKETS for the events:
Tue 14. Oct., 19.00 h / Thu 13. Nov., 19.00 h