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Causa M.

A reading from the files of the public prosecution department

A member of Parliament from the SVP (Swiss People's Party) comes under fire at the Medical-historical Museum of the University of Zurich, and is fired from his position at the university. The Prosecutor, Andrej G., also in the SVP, get involved in an attempt to get his party colleague, Mister M., off the hook. He diverts the focus of the scandal to other questions, such as finding out who leaked certain facts to the press. The principle of the university then resigns. A huge process is set forth, sparing neither costs nor efforts, and soon enough further suspects are presented. The truth is fabricated anew. 

Students at the ZHdK Masters program in acting read out from the files of the public prosecution department on the Case of M.

Directors: Peter Ender (Master department Acting) and Klaus Schönberger (Theory, Bachelor Media and Arts), ZHdK

TICKETS for the events:
Tue 09. Dec., 20.00 h / Tue 16. Dec., 20.00 h