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Lügen Deluxe

Die Stunde der Profis

«Professional liars» are people who use lies in their daily professional lives: police officers, psychiatrists, priests, sex workers… We’ve interviewed some of them for the piece «LEBEN LÜGEN STERBEN» (Live Lie Die), and tonight, some of our interviewees will participate in a round table discussion. Their views and attitudes towards lies range from unexpected to unusual. Among the guests are Bernd Borchard, director of the forensic psychiatry department at the Pöschwies correctional facility; Markus Bischoff, criminal attorney; Patricia Kaelin, astrologist; Benjamin Dubno, director of the psychiatric ward, Winterthur. 

Moderation: Uta Plate (Director) and Ralf Fiedler


Duration: ca. 1 Stunde

TICKETS for the events:
Sat 01. Nov., 18.00 h